Safety Harness Inspection Service


Fall Arrest systems are required to be inspected and in some cases tested on a periodic basis. This inspection and testing must be carried out by a recognised competent person.

Safety Harness Inspections offer a thorough inspection and tagging service for safety harnesses, lanyards and associated equipment.

All items undergo a detailed examination in accordance with Australian standards. AS/NZS1891.4:2009

AS/NZS1891.4:2009 demands that formal inspection procedures should be put in place by employers to ensure that personal fall protection equipment is given a thorough inspection and examination by a height safety equipment inspector before first use and at intervals not exceeding 6 months (more frequently if in hazardous conditions or if recommended by manufacturer), and after circumstances liable to have affected the integrity and safety of the equipment.




Inspection Frequency

Personal equipment including harnesses, lanyard assemblies, connectors, fall arrest devices including common devices

To be inspected by Operator before and after each use.

Belts, harnesses, lanyard assemblies and associated personal equipment.

Fall arrest devices (external inspection only)

Ropes and slings

6 monthly inspection by a heigh safety equipment inspector (more frequently if recommended by manufacturer or supplier)

Entry/re-entry of equipment to service

All equipment to be inspected by a height safety equipment inspector before use.

All items which have been stressed as a result of a fall

Inspection by a height safety equipment inspector before further use.

We at Safety Harness Inspections offers an inspection service for the following equipment:

Lanyards: Fixed, Adjustable, Shock Absorbing etc
Pole Straps
Rope Grabs

Upon completion of our inspection your equipment if safe will be returned with:

  • An inspection report detailing the results of the inspection.
  • An inspection tag attached to the equipment detailing asset number and next retest date.

If any of your equipment fails inspection.

If one of our inspectors deems that your equipment is either unsafe, is out of date or is otherwise unfit for use the equipment will be quarantined to a pre-determined location. If necessary Safety Harness Inspections can by prior arrangement organise and supply a replacement for equipment which fails to pass inspection.

Take the time and hassle out of organising your inspection program and call Safety Harness Inspections NOW on 0437 734 862 or email us to commence your safety harness inspection program.


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