Safety Harness Inspections
offers a professional Safety Harness inspection and tagging service throughout South East Queensland!

Safety Harness Inspections Pty Ltd is a specialist fall arrest/fall protection equipment inspection company, with our head office based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Safety Harness Inspections is committed to providing our customers with a thorough inspection service of Safety Harnesses, Lanyards and associated equipment in accordance with AS1891.4:2009. We offer this service to our clients who understand their legal requirement of formal inspection of their staff's fall protection equipment as specified in the standard (AS1891.4:2009) aognize their duty to ensure the correct inspection methods and recording is in place.

Safety Harness Inspections offers a convenient on-site inspection service, minimizing downtime and allowing equipment that has passed inspection to be returned to service immediately.

Why test?

All employers under the Workplace Health and Safety Act 1995 have a duty to ensure that the workplace is safe for employees.

Harnesses, lanyard assemblies and fall arrest devices are an effective means of minimizing the risk of working at heights. Therefore it is important that this equipment is maintained and inspected on a regular basis.

Did you know?..Falls from heights in the work place are responsible for thousands of workers compensation claims in Australia each year. ll accepted workers’ compensation claims (excluding journey claims) that resulted in a fatality, permanent incapacity or temporary incapacity with an absence from work of one w

Financial year 2000/01 - 2007/08

Source: The Safe Work Australia Online Statistics Interactive National Workers' Compensation Statistics Database

It is important to remember that your height safety inspection program differs from a one-time inspection. The hallmarks of Safety Harness Inspections programs are dedicated, fully trained personnel, and professional follow up programs.

Perhaps the greatest benefit for your company is that Safety Harness Inspections properly design each customers testing regime to provide both long-term value and serve as a valuable resource to your company when it comes to your workplace compliance management programs. Safety Harness Inspections has developed an Asset Management Compliance System to ensure that your equipment is not out of date. We will pre schedule your next tests and contact you in advance to arrange for your next inspection.

Not only does Safety Harness Inspections testing regime meet your legislative requirements it also provides a detailed asset register which has advantages across other areas of business e.g. Accounting, asset tracking and insurance.

Safety Harness Inspections are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service and ongoing support.

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